Jeigu Lietuvoje paklaustum rinkodaros skyriaus žmonių, jie greičiausiai išpyškintų, kad RsV yra marketingo komunikacijos dalis.

Dėl to neprieštarautų ir media bei reklamos agentūros. O ką pasakytų patys PR žmonės? Ir kaip jie apskritai apibūdintų savo užsiėmimą?Štai ištrauka iš Bilo Sledziko, RsV profesoriaus (ir praktiko) iš JAV, įrašo apie tai, kas nėra PR (RsV), t.y. tuo ši veikla neapsiriboja:

Publicity. The communication tool most often associated with public relations, publicity is factual communication designed to gain favorable exposure for a client, product, or idea in the news media. Publicity’s most common form is the press release, but staged events, interviews, fact sheets, pitch letters, and talk show appearances are other tools used to generate positive media coverage. Some marketers use the terms promotion and publicity interchangeably. They aren’t the same thing.

Media relations. MR is a specialty of public relations that oversees the publicity function and works to sustain positive relationships with media gatekeepers (which now includes bloggers). Because working with and “pitching” media is one of the oldest public relations activities, it’s the one most associated with our field by outsiders. And since media relations was the primary job of PR a generation ago, many old-school managers still insist that former reporters make the most effective PR practitioners. (This has not been my experience!).

Ir, žinoma, RsV nėra marketingas. Tai kas tas PR yr? Profesorius teigia, kad PR yra “relationship”. O gal Lietuvoje kol kas turime tik Publicity ir Media Relations, bet ne RsV? O gal aš klystu?

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